BATMThree XXL+ model now available!





The BATMThree XXL+ is the latest model based on the BITCOIN ATM ONLINE SHOP BATMThree Bitcoin ATM platform and as the name suggests its also currently our largest model cryptocurrency ATM. The new XXL+ model comes with a safe and code-lock and can stock up-to 3200 banknotes. The built-in safe ensures proper storage and the code-lock on the safe allows for servicing by armored money transfer companies.

Some BATMThree XXL+ key features:

  • Based on the popular BATMThree Android ATM platform that Bitcoin users have come to recognize and love.
  • Huge bill-acceptor with a cash-box for 2200 banknotes.
  • Bill-dispenser with capacity of 1000 banknotes (2×500) in two possible denominations.
  • Large internal safe, similar style and quality as found in regular fiat ATM units for secure storage of available banknotes.
  • Additional internal keypad lock on the internal safe, a requirement for automatic collection by most armored money transport services.
  • Uses the same renowned BITCOIN ATM ONLINE SHOP management software (CAS) as the other models in the BATM series for simplified ATM fleet management, remote management, monitoring, reporting and ATM software upgrades.
  • Flexible and compatible with any blockchain based cryptocurrency using the open source extension found on Github:
  • Contains NFC payment technology for contactless cryptocurrency payment and wallet solutions.

For more information, images and specifications, visit the BATMThree Bitcoin ATM product page.

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