Stands, Cages, ATM alarm, inner door upgrade, and much more

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  • BATMTwo Classic Inner Door Upgrade

    $65 Accessories

    Inner door upgrade of Sargent Greenleaf lock 61xx.

  • BATMTwo Stand (standard)

    $499 Accessories

    Metal stand for the BATMTwo. Fits all BATMTwo models produced to date.

  • BATMTwo Stand (with printer)

    $799 Accessories

    Metal stand with printer for all BATMTwo models produced to date.

  • Best BATMThree Online

    Best BATMThree

    $6,348 Accessories

    Best BATMThree Online is the Bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash). Distributes coins from wallet or crypto exchange to the customer. Eye-catching design. Color changing neons dragging the attention of people walking by. Highly secure industrial quality, remotely manageable and upgradable. Best value/price on the market.


  • Door Switches

    $90 Accessories

    The switch is used to see when the door has been opened or closed.

  • Head Unit Cage

    $180 Accessories

    The cage improves the security of your BATMTwo.

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