Brand new model BATMThree XXXL

As of today, we have released the latest addition to the popular range of the BATMThree series Bitcoin ATM. The BATMThree XXXL is a two-way (BUY&SELL) ATM model that features a cash-recycler with a 1200 bills input + 2×60 bills recycled/output capacity, an expandable banknote dispenser with 1000 banknotes capacity, (2×500 bills output) an NFC wallet card dispenser and a code-lock safe.

Like the new upgraded XXL model, the new XXXL model also allows you to extend the capacity of your bill acceptor to a maximum of 6 dispensers for a whopping 6000 banknotes (!) bill dispenser capacity and has the same signature BATMThree look that comes with the popular neon bezel that will attract business like moths to a lightbulb.

For more information visit the BATMThree Bitcoin ATM product page

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