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As of today, your BATMTwo has another upgrade option available! In addition to the BATMTwo Stand and BATMTwo Stand with Printer, clients now have the option to upgrade their BATMTwo cashbox door with a model that fits the S&G 61xx series locks, a common standard lock size used in the industry.

Armoured truck cash collection services around the world more or less standardized on Sargent and Greenleaf 61xx series locks because of their excellent quality, code-lock and audit trail these locks provide.

Many of our clients use a third party cash collection service and traditionally, the BATMThree model XXL Bitcoin ATM was their best choice because of the BATMThree XXL’s standard support for the S&G 61xx code-lock on the internal safe deposit box but until today there was no immediate solution for the BATMTwo models.

Although the BATMThree XXL model is a very popular model, we needed a way to help our BATMTwo clients too so our engineers at BITCOIN ATM ONLINE SHOP took note and decided to bring this same feature to the BATMTwo range of ATMs! The result is an upgraded door for your BATMTwo (both Classic and Large models are available!) that will allow you to mount your S&G 61xx locks to your BATMTwo series, creating more flexibility and ease of deployment for our BATMTwo clients.

The upgraded door is available for both BATMTwo Classic and Large models and fits any BATMTwo ATM produced after 2015. Cash collection companies usually require you to use a Sargent and Greenleaf 61xx lock supplied by them so to keep costs down we decided to ship only the upgraded door without the lock itself, reducing costs of upgrading your network.

To order, just add the required number to your shopping cart on the BATMTwo product page and one of our colleagues at sales will contact you for further details.

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