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Discover our range of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency products. European quality, designed and manufactured in Prague with a passion for Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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  • Buy BATMFour Bitcoin ATM

    Buy BATMFour Bitcoin ATM

    $6,848 Bitcoin ATMs

    Buy BATMFour Bitcoin ATM, our newest BATM based on the same features as the BATMThree platform. Bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash). Individual configuration. Distributes coins from wallet or crypto exchange. Color changing neon lights catch the attention of people walking by.

  • Buy BATMTwoPro online

    Buy BATMTwoPro

    $4,399 Bitcoin ATMs

    Buy BATMTwoPro online which is our most popular model to date. Over the years, the BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM platform has seen numerous improvements such as an added fingerprint reader, Ethernet connection, altcoin vending, and many new software features. In 2020 we released the New BATMTwoPro which is the result of incorporating years of user feedback and is our most rugged BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM model to date.

  • New BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM

    New BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM

    $3,549 Bitcoin ATMs

    New BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM, the unidirectional Bitcoin ATM, the General Bytes cryptocurrency machine distributes coins from a wallet or crypto exchange to the customer. Secure industrial quality, multilingual server software, manage and upgrade terminal remotely. Best value for fast ROI.

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